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Tuna Range
  Tasty Tuna
- A range of tasty tuna recipe that is ideal for a quick and fuss-free meal
- A natural source of Omega 3
  Chilli tuna 185g Tom Yam tuna 185g Tomato chilli tuna 185g      
  Chili 185g Tom Yam 185g Tomato Chilli 185g      
  Curry tuna 185g Black pepper tuna 185g        
  Curry 185g Black Pepper 185g        
  Spread Range
- A range of spread made using either tuna, seafood or salmon that is
ideal for sandwich
- A natural source of Omega 3
  Tuna spread 185g Seafood tuna 185g Salmon Spread 185g Tuna snacky pack 85g Salmon snacky pack 185g
Some great tuna recipes to explore:
Tuna Stir Fry
Chilli Tuna Polenta Cake
Fried Rice with Tuna, Asparagus and Crab Roe
Spaghetti with Tuna in Cream Sauce
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  Tuna Spread
Seafood Spread
Salmon Spread
Tuna Snacky Pack 85g Salmon Snacky Pack 85g
Tuna video recipes

Tuna recipes

15 Videos
Basic recipes and new ideas to enjoy the great Ayam Brandâ„¢ Tuna.
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Video tutorials
Check out some easy and wonderful ideas of recipes you can do with Ayam Brandâ„¢ products.
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